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Most people always carry a smartphone or tablet with them everywhere. We can use these devices to be more focused on Jesus Christ in our daily lives and to practice our priestly service consistently. We would like to recommend two apps that have helped us experience Christ more concretely and worship God the Father with the reality of Christ in us during the feasts. The Mount Zion app assists in offering the spiritual sacrifices. The MyBible app is best for reading the Scriptures together.

Mount Zion

The Mount Zion app helps in noting down experiences with Jesus Christ that can be assigned to the feasts of the Lord in Levitics 23 and the sacrifices in Levitics 1-7. It also provides access to all eBooks, charts, outlines and flyers.

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MyBible helps in reading of the Scriptures without an Internet connection. Bible translations in more than three hundred languages are available. MyBible is also great for reading the Bible together in meetings.

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Extensions are available for both apps. These extensions are free, but require registration on our website. Once you are logged in, instructions for unlocking these extensions will appear here.